Microsoft Windows- Features Which Make It Unique|

Our team, Windows Tech Support helps you to report about the Windows. The new features of  Windows are handwriting recognition and more.



Features of Windows are: 

The new features also support additional file formats, improved performance on multi-core processors, improved boot performance.

  • Easy Transfer  The big problem is transfer data from old to new computer. The transfer of files and settings from the old computer to the new one is possible using an Easy Transfer Cable, CD, and DVDs.
  • Windows Anytime Upgrade – This feature allows us to upgrade to any higher windows version available for the system. This feature helps us to compare features in each Windows edition and walks through the upgrade process.
  • Windows Basic – Somebody who is new to this can take advantage of this feature. This helps us in security or working with digital pictures.
  • Searching and Organizing – Most of the folder has a search option at the top. This feature helps us when we don’t know where our file has been located.
  • Parental Control – This feature gives the parent users, the freedom to decide when to let their children use the computer, which site they are visiting, etc. In short, they can monitor their adolescents.Windows parental control


  • Ease of Access Center – It is the place to find and change settings that can enhance the sound quality, the display quality, and other various computer accessory stuff. Users can adjust the text size and the speed of the mouse.
  • Default Programs – Through this feature users can adjust all the default programs. It is very useful to configure the program according to the user’s wish and requirements.

These new features of Windows help the customers work on the Windows with an ease. For more details on how to use the new features of Windows. You can call us on our Windows Tech support number.


Cons of Windows are:

  • Hardware Requirement – Hardware should be capable of running the latest update of Windows.
  • Software Compatibility- Some software are compatible with the old version of the Windows or it for the specific processor, i.e., 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Poor Security – Because of its interprocess communication, while moving data from one program to another, the data is not secured. Worms, Trojans very effective on Windows.
  • Limited Access to the library of free open source software – Open source problem is due to the visual interface and it is easier to obtain. Open source allows hackers to know the weakness and strength of the software.
  • General instability due to the more number of possible configuration –The default value may be missing in the Boot.ini file or there may be a general hardware failure. In windows, there is a configuration problem due to which Window could not start.
  • Resource Hog – Windows took a lot of space, need more RAM.
  • Malware Attack – Security is one of the most common and important issues of the Windows.
  • License Agreement – End-user License Agreement, which is the most important part. As you need to agree and accept all the terms and conditions including service packs and security updates, before actually getting its products.

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