Windows Network Issues and Solution

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A network is made when two or more computer system linked together. The connection may be through cables or wireless. The issues may be raised by the configuration problem, in web hosting, etc.


Windows Network Issues

The issues in the network are:-

  • Initial configuration – This problem may occur during configuring the network, our system, and resources for use. Nowadays, people don’t have enough knowledge of the system, networking, and security, but they are setting up their systems and networking together. The problem in setting up may arise due to the frequent power loss, incorrect cabling in the case of a wireless network, and lack of reconfigured protocols. The problem may also occur while the configuration of the computer accessing shared resources like a printer. In wireless connections, design and configuration should be overlooked. In this, OSI model will surely us. All the multiple hardware and software components should be configured.
  • Permission, Credentials and Rights problem – If all the configuration and connection are made perfect, still there is network issue then we should check our Windows system credential, permission, and rights. Sometimes, we are not able to access a host; it is due to some reasons. Maybe we are not logged in or they don’t have permission to access resources. Simply we have to access our account and login information within Windows to fix the problem. Workgroups may create a problem because it is not recommended to connect more than 10 systems at a time.
  • Network Performance – Due to the network issue, the Window’s performance may get affected. The client should install on the Windows desktop must interface and transmit data over the network. If the performance is affected, that means the network is not good or the application was not developed within the network. In this, the advanced analysis should be done using the tool in order to solve.
  • Protocol Problems – The TCP/IP related problem can be resolved in many ways. By having updated documents of the topology, by viewing the graphic, adding the new host and network issue can be resolved. Without network protocol configuration, we are not able to communicate over the network. The physical connectivity is also important for communication.
  • General Security Concern – Sometimes due to the virus, it may lead to network failure. Using Window’s firewall is one of the forms of host protection. The system firewall is also helpful in performing the function at the host level.
  • Temporarily turn off Firewall – It purely depends on the firewall software you are using. It can be done through the command prompt. Firewall software may cause the connection issues.

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