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July 24, 2018
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Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode | Call us +1 844 836 8250

While working on Windows 10, you must have observed that the old ways of booting have become obsolete nowadays. Previous versions allowed booting of the computers by tapping on F8. After the launch of Windows 10, this method is no longer working anymore. People who are tech-savvy are still having a query on how to start windows 10 in safe mode. Windows 10 provide you with the safe mode option but the accessibility has been changing frequently with the updates.

Windows 10 in Safe Mode


Why start windows 10 in safe mode?

When any device faces some critical system issues, it clashes with the standard windows operation. For this, the safe mode becomes a very convenient way for loading. It allows to troubleshoot along with detecting the reason behind the error. It also helps in an accurate loading of the device drivers. Again, it is a tool for rogue security software.

Boot windows 10 in safe mode is apparently necessary when the operating system encounters any trouble. Windows is versatile but it is equally irritating at times. Once you install a driver or a brand new software app, you can witness a sudden crash of the system.  Safe mode differs from a standard boot in the following ways:

  • It does not run in  autoexec.bat.
  • Standard graphics mode is not used.
  • Checks msdos.sys files to locate other files.
  • Virtual device drivers are activated for windows to connect the other parts of the computer.

These are some ways safe mode works on windows. If you want to start windows 10 in safe mode, then follow these steps to configure the system. Unless you are an expert, these steps will be of no use if you do not know how exactly it works. Many users face these queries on a daily basis. Wish to start using safe mode? Call us for reliable support.


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